Monday, January 16, 2012

The New and Improved Me

Recently I have decided to whip myself into shape! I have often been compared to Seth Rogen in the past but I prefer to think of myself as a white Gumby with a slight pot belly. (See above) However for a record number of 4 days!!!!!!!! I have been running and exercising every morning. Based on my own calculations and confirmed by our societies top experts, it's only a matter of weeks or maybe even DAYS before I complete a massive and highly impressive transformation. No one can know forsure what I might look like but I have done an "artists rendering" as to how I believe I will look in 2 weeks from now:

I will be stuff of legends and several unrelated entertainment contracts will fall at my doorstep. TV and Movie deals, Record Deals, Novels, Screenplays, you name it! This is what the action figure will look like:

At this point, I will sue Hasbro or whoever else owns the rights to He Man for creating him in my image. Then I will live out the rest of my life on a tropical beach somewhere. It will look something like this: